Boston Blues Board

Current Board:

Club Secretary/President – Ben Horner
Interim Assistant Secretary/VP – Mike Volonnino
Club Treasurer – Mike Rosati
Club Director – Matt DeSilva
Club Director  Rick Greenwood

Roles & Duties

Club Secretary/President

The Club Secretary shall be the Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Club Board of Directors. The Club Secretary shall have, subject to the advice, direction, and control of the Club Board of Directors, general charge of the Club business. The Club Secretary shall appoint an y special standing committees or representatives of the Club, as necessary or convenient for carrying out of any regular or special activities of the Club. The Club Secretary shall execute all contracts and instruments which have first been approved by the Club Board of Director The Club Secretary shall serve as the primary po int of contact for representatives of Chelsea FC and shall manage the Club’ s relationship with Chelsea FC. The Secretary shall be present at the regular membership meetings and shall, at least once per year, report on the condition of the business of the Club. The Club Secretary may call any Special Meeting of the Members of the Club Board of Directors and/or general Club Membership. In case of the absence or disability of the Club Treasurer, the Club Secretary may execute checks for expenditures authorized by the Club Board of Directors. The Club Secretary is responsible for publishing notice of Special Membership Meetings.

Assistant Secretary/VP

The Club Assistant Secretary shall be vested with all the powers and authority of the Club Secretary and shall perform the duties of the Club Secretary in the case of the Club Secretary’s absence, disability, or inability, for any reason. The Club Assistant Secretary shall also performed duties connected with the operations of the Club t the suggestion or direction the Club Secretary. The Club Assistant Secretary may annually recruit a certified public accountant or an appropriate group of Club Members to verify that the financial records of the Club are in order. The Board of Directors can determine how they want the report to be delivered (orally or in writing).

Club Treasurer

The Club Treasurer shall execute all checks authorized by the Club Board of Directors. The Club Treasurer shall receive and deposit all funds in a financial institution recognized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and approached by the Club Board of Directors. The Club Treasurer shall also account for all receipts, disbursements, and the balance of funds on hand. The Club Treasurer shall be responsible for the accurate maintenance of all financial records and shall furnish those records to representatives of Chelsea FC upon request. By resolution o the Club Board of Directors, the Club may require joint signatures on all checks drawn on the Club accounts. The Club Treasurer, with the assistance of the Club Membership Chairperson, if the Club has one, shall keep a Club Membership Book, Roster, or Record showing the name and relevant contact information for each Club Member. The Club Treasurer shall also be responsible for maintaining the currency and security of the original copies of the Club Bylaws, non-profit incorporation documents, tax-exemption documents, FEIN, and any other books, papers and records as the Club Officers or Club Board of Directors direct.

Club Director

The Club Directors shall perform duties connected with the operations of the Club at the suggestion or direction of the Club Secretary. In particular, a Club Director may be appointed by the Club Secretary to serve as a chairperson of a temporary or permanent committee of the Club.

The Boston Blues are committed to creating an inclusive environment for Chelsea fans from all backgrounds to join together in supporting our club. As a club, we will not stand for racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise abusive language or conduct, and any such behavior is grounds for permanent removal from the Boston Blues. More information on our club’s anti-discrimination policies can be found in the Boston Blues club bylaws. Please contact with any further questions.